• Pricing & Payment

    K-Scrap provides competitive pricing programs for our scrap metal services that are tailored to your individual business needs.
    Our pricing is clear and concise. It is updated on a monthly basis to reflect prevailing market conditions.

    Payments are made by cheque on a monthly basis, and include all scale transactions for the payment period.

    Contact our sales department to assess your needs and provide a quote.

  • Dispatch

    Our dispatch group operates from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.

    Please call our dispatch line at: (519) 946-3292 or fill out the request a pickup form.

    Outside of these hours and if required, Emergency Dispatch Service can be initiated through our normal dispatch line by pressing “0” after the messaging system greeting has started. As our trucks provide service throughout the late evening and early morning hours, we can often accommodate emergencies on a timely basis.

    Please note that K-Scrap does not accept scrap on an individual drive-in basis (peddlers).

  • Scrap Containers

    As part of our service to you, K-Scrap offers various sizes of scrap metal containers suited to your particular scrap type. In most cases, these containers are provided at no additional cost.

    Exterior containers include roll-off bins from 30 cu-yd through 60 cu-yd and lugger bins in 15-low, 15-high and 20-high. These containers are sized according to the type, density and volume of the scrap being collected.

    Interior containers include various sizes of tilt hoppers based on your individual equipment designs, scrap offal and volume.

  • Fleet

    K-Scrap owns and manages its own truck fleet consisting of 10 units servicing lugger, roll-off and flatbed applications. Our logoed trucks are recognizable in the service area and our courteous drivers take safety seriously. Drivers are scheduled to cover 7-day operations 24 hours per day.